Rura Raya Homestay

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Rura Raya Homestay

the traditional way to stay in the Toraja Highlands! 

At an altitude of 300 meters with views across to a huge mountain range, Rura Raya Homestay bed & breakfast (eco accommodation) is a real traditional Torajanese clan house with a massive roof shaped like a ship’s prow, which belongs to a rural, but cosy village. Inside however, the traditional Tongkonan has been furnished to the highest standards to provide the perfect blend of tradition and comfort. And we offer free Wi-Fi internet at our accommodation. 

The orchid-shaped island of Sulawesi (Celebes) has a dramatic and rugged landscape with shimmering blue mountains, limestone hills and deep blue bays. At the crossroads of several historical sea lanes, the island was formerly a strategic trading port with the seafaring Bugies dominating the southern tip and the Toraja - with a culture based on animism - guarding the mountains to the north.

This ancient culture has been little affected by modern tourism and today Tana Toraja offers the visitor fascinating glimpses of a people whose unique customs and rituals have survived for centuries, and who, according to their mythology, are descendants of celestial beings from heaven.

The Tongkonan Layuk Lion eco lodge is the first first-class traditional house in Toraja. The two suites have Balinese style bathrooms and balconies facing the traditional Tongkonan village. Toraja handicrafts have been used to great effect in the suite, and it has international standard amenities.

There is a trekking in the surrounding hills, wild-water rafting on the nearby Sa’dan River and nice tours in Torajaland, which you can book directly at the Tongkonan.

Set high in the mountains amid rice fields, rolling hills and forest, Rura Raya Homestay offers a heaven of retreat from city life - a perfect blend of tradition and comfort during your holiday in wonderful Torajaland.

An experience you will carry in your memory forever!


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Toraja Highlands, South Sulawesi - Indonesia